LIBERA Croatian association for education, entrepreneurship and international cooperation.

President INES RUDELIĆ, MA in Political Science

Ostrovička 4, 10000 Zagreb

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Ines Rudelić


The question that was always in my mind is what is the reason that all those young and healthy people are waiting for somebody else to employ them, and also what is the reason why they did not have any idea what to do with themselves. From my point of view problem was and still is in the politics during last 50 years and nobody thinks like an entrepreneur.

We had socialism and during that period people in Croatia have thaught in different way. During this period of time also the school politics was always the same. There was not any interaction between teachers and children in school. They had to learn everything by heart and if they were free thinkers it was not welcomed.



  • During 2012 I quitted my job in a Bank, which I was doing almost twenty-six years because the question of financial certainty was imposed as a priority
  • I decided to change something because I knew that the job I was doing was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life
  • During 2012 experts in the Liberal academy in Ljubljana encouraged me and helped me in the development of ideas
  • I spent some time on the Institute of Employment during 2012, where I was confronted with many problems but instead, chose to look for opportunities
  • Unemployment gave me the possibility to realize new ideas. Through my workshops I teach my participants how to think like entrepreneurs and also how to avoid bureaucracy

First I opened GOTA, a small business for marketing and consulting and after that I opened Association for education, entrepreneurship and international cooperation LIBERA

  • It took almost 7o days to open a business, which at first demotivated me, but I told myself not to give up
  • I realized that the future entrepreneurs do not have adequate information, regardless of the number of agencies and all kinds of services that put in our offer to help
  • My idea was to invent a workshop for unemployed people to help them in starting business. I called my workshop WE CREATE OUR OWN BUSINESS. In a period of five days I teach them about developing ideas, strategy, company, expenses, business plans and supporting activities from employment office.
  • And also in the workshop I gathered all the knowledge from my first entrepreneurial steps.

I feel that I'm fullfilling my mission as a person, and as an entrepreneur. Especially, when I see my students on the first day of the workshop totally demotivated, opposite to the last days of the workshop where they become interested in making their first steps in business

  • Until now there had been held 4 workshops in August 2013 in CISOK centre (of Croatian Employment Office), address Knez Višeslav 7, Zagreb, which were attended by 55 women, age 20- 55
  • Until now there had been held almost 18 workshops during 2013, 2014 and 2015 in a Centre for Culture Trešnjevka, which were attended by cca 383 men and women, age 20-55
  • By current informations cca 30% of the attenders started their own business


education, entrepreneurship and international cooperation

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